Boston Celtics point guard Terry Rozier has no qualms about the road to his NBA career, having had to earn it the hard way despite being drafted with the 16th pick during the 2015 NBA Draft. The man now known as Scary Terry had to play a part of his first NBA season with the Maine Red Claws, the team's G League affiliate.

While Rozier only played 14 games in the [formerly known as] D League, the sheer memory of it serves as a humbling experience.

“If I tell you it was fun, or it was good, I’d be lying,” said a frank Rozier, according to Clay Skipper of GQ. “It was depressing. It was everything that a person that wants to be in the NBA — wants to do good in the NBA — doesn’t wanna do. It was a reality check for me. It was something that I needed. I couldn’t even get a bottle of water when I wanted it down there. Reality set back in. Sometimes you need to fall on your face to know: You got drafted but you still got a lot of work to do.”

The G League has served as a stepping stone for many NBA players, including some that were drafted high in the first round.

Rozier's time would come, though, as he was asked to take over the point guard duties during the Celtics' latest playoff run, as Kyrie Irving and Marcus Smart found themselves out of commission to start the playoffs.