The Boston Celtics drafted Aaron Nesmith with 14th overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, impressed by his potential as a versatile, 3 and D wing. However, it didn't work out for Nesmith with the Celtics, as he was unable to carve out a solid role behind or even alongside Jayson Tatum and company. The Celtics then traded him to the Indiana Pacers for Malcolm Brogdon, a worthy upgrade for a team that finished as last season's championship runner-up.

And it seems like Jayson Tatum and the Celtics had no intentions of preparing a warm welcome for the 23-year old forward.

With the Celtics in dire need of a run, Tatum went coast-to-coast, blew by the backpedaling Pacers defense, and yammed a nasty poster jam down Aaron Nesmith's throat.

The Celtics mounted a comeback shortly thereafter, so Tatum's jam proved to be an important turning point in the game. The Celtics needed a jolt, especially after being booed by their home crowd, and their main man came to play. Alas, the Pacers had built up such a huge first-half advantage that the Celtics were unable to finish the comeback.

Jayson Tatum had 28 points in the second half, ending up with 41 on the night, as he tried to put the Celtics on his back after a putrid start to the game. Still, the Celtics came up short, losing to the Pacers 117-112, with Aaron Nesmith having the last laugh.

Nesmith has stepped up in recent games for the Pacers. The Pacers have mostly deployed him in the starting lineup in recent games, and he has repaid their faith in him. On the night, Nesmith had 15 points, six boards, and two steals, and most importantly, he took the win. However, at least for one highlight play, he may have to take some ribbing from his former teammate.