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Video: Kyrie Irving, Dennis Smith Jr. get technicals, have to be held back by teammates

dennis smith jr, kyrie irving

Things got a little heated in the first quarter of Wednesday’s game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics at TD Garden, when Dennis Smith Jr. and Kyrie Irving were both assessed technical fouls.

This started when Smith tried to muscle his way through Irving’s defense for a layup attempt, but the veteran point guard was not about to let the rookie get a bucket against him that easily so he gave the Mavs guard a foul instead.

Dennis Smith Jr. had some words for Kyrie. 👀

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Dennis Smith Jr., however, didn’t like the way he was fouled and the way Kyrie Irving tried to hit him with his elbow shortly after the initial foul was committed. Rather than immediately going to the charity stripe, Smith let Irving hear it before the other Mavs and Celtics stepped in and separated the two.

Although we didn’t have the audio of what exactly Smith was saying to Irving, we’re pretty sure it’s not a lecture on why it’s wrong to believe that the Earth is flat.

If there’s anything we learned from what happened, it’s that Dennis Smith Jr. is not going to let himself get punked by anyone in the league just because he’s a newbie.

Kyrie Irving and the rest of the league should have now taken note of that.