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Celtics video: Uncle Drew catches fire playing pop-a-shot

Following his introductory press conference with the Boston Celtics, Kyrie Irving left the suit and slacks for his grey beard and makeup, heading back to the studio in Atlanta where he is filming the upcoming Uncle Drew film.

The multi-faceted point guard took a break from the lights and took on a more familiar challenge, hitting the pop-a-shot machine and hoisting shot after shot, suddenly catching fire at the very end in true Irving fashion.

Irving hit the last 14 of his 15 shots, tallying a score of 71 by the time his round has ended.

“That’s what I do, I hustle people,” said a confident Uncle Drew, who’s known to hustle those foolish enough to be tricked by his grey hair and makeup.

“Oh you want me to go perfect?” he added shortly after in a nonchalant fashion.

While this is only a mid-range flurry for the sake of entertainment, Celtics fans are hoping to see their new addition pop-a-shotting teams in the near future, as the outright bucket-getter going into this upcoming season.