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Chargers star Keenan Allen praises Patriots WR Maurice Harris

Maurice Harris, Keenan Allen, Chargers, Patriots

The New England Patriots were clicking on all cylinders in their preseason opener versus the Detroit Lions. Among the notable standouts in the game was wide receiver Maurice Harris.

Harris comes from quite the football family as the first cousin of Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen. According to Kevin Duffy of the Boston Herald, Allen shared some high praise for his skill set.

“He has unbelievable hands,” said Allen, who is entering his seventh season with the Chargers. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him drop a pass. Just his ability to track the ball, his hand-eye coordination… If you throw it up, he’s going to get it.”

Allen is undoubtedly doing what he can to out in a good word for his cousin. Fortunately, Harris has done a solid job of solidifying that notion thus far after hauling in three reception for 27 yards and a stellar touchdown grab against Detroit.

Being only one year apart, the two spent the bulk of their football careers playing alongside each other. The time has now come for them to compete as AFC rivals. While there may be no love lost between the Patriots and Chargers, the family connection was too much for Allen not to offer up some praise.

Harris boasts many of the same attributes as his cousin being a bonafide route-runner with good hands. Etching out a role in New England’s offense can be a difficult challenge for any player. Allen is hoping that Harris will finally be able to find his footing with the Patriots.