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Charles Barkley apologizes for rude behavior toward Rockets

We all know Charles Barkley has an affinity to speak his mind on the popular sports program Inside the NBA on TNT.  Barkley rarely holds back his tongue, and even has an occasional back and forth with Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey, who relies very heavily on analytics for basketball, to Chuck’s disagreement.

After the Rockets lost Game 2 to the Golden State Warriors, Barkley completely dismissed the Rockets chances in the playoffs, and said they would get swept in time to get out for vacation on Sunday night.

Game 3 was another night of scorn from Barkley as he proceeded with his onslaught.

Ain’t nothing worse than fake hustle,” Barkley said. “I guarantee you the Rockets are going to lose this game.

Although Charles doesn’t participate in social media, he was given a response through twitter from the Rockets CEO  Tad Brown after Houston ultimately won the game.

Daryl Morey, charles barkley

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In a rare change of heart, between Game 3 and now, Charles decided his comments weren’t very professional and took to the airwaves again to issue an apology.

I want to apologize to the Houston Rockets. I (overreacted) to two tweets. I said something I shouldn’t say. So I want to apologize to Daryl Morey. And I want to apologize to Tad Brown, the CEO, for overreacting. I want to apologize to Les Alexander.

You know, I don’t do any social media. When you show stuff or I hear about it, I get mad. So I want to apologize to those three guys and the entire Houston Rockets organization because when you’re on television, Ernie (Johnson), it should never be personal. We’re supposed to do our jobs. When Daryl Morey sent a tweet during the season, I got mad. I was 100 percent wrong. When Tad Brown tweeted last week, I was 100 percent wrong.

Les Alexander treated me great when I was in Houston. So I just want to apologize to those three guys.

Whether you feel as if the apology was sincere or not, this is out of the norm for Barkley. He did offer one last bit when asked if he felt he owed the team an apology for writing off their chances.

I didn’t apologize to the team.

Now that’s the Charles we all know and love.

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