Charles Oakley says modern players 'should wear dresses'
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Charles Oakley says modern players ‘should wear dresses’

Charles Oakley, knicks

Whether you think Charles Oakley is a mere representation of an old man yelling at a cloud or a great source of basketball wisdom, you’ve got to give it to him for being straightforward when it comes to speaking his mind.

Oakley , who played for 19 years in the NBA, including 10 seasons with the New York Knicks, went full Charles Oakley in Dallas during an appearance on Michael Rapaport’s “I am Rapaport” podcast, as the big man zeroed in on the current culture in basketball, saying that some players “should wear dresses while they play basketball.”

For a player who spent an entire career infusing wrestling into the sport of basketball, Oakley definitely doesn’t like the perceived softness of the NBA today. That being said, Oakley must have forgotten the fact that that he has had plenty of time playing with a couple of All-Star contemporaries in grandmama Larry Johnson and a cross-dressing Dennis Rodman, who gained varying degrees of fame by dressing up as women.