Chiefs news: Andy Reid says entire team is at fault for woes
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Chiefs coach Andy Reid says entire team is at fault for woes

Andy Reid

People have been mostly wanting to send blame to quarterback Alex Smith for the woes of the Kansas City Chiefs. According to head coach Andy Reid, the reason for Kansas City stinking up the joint the last few weeks is because of everyone.

“I think it’s not just Alex,” Reid told reporters, via PFT. “I think people do that, and I told you that I’ve got to get better at doing my part. Each position has got to do better. This is a team game and so everybody has a piece of the pie. You’re bringing it to Alex. I’m bringing it to all of us doing a better job. Alex is part of the team so he’s included in that. But it’s surely not just one person. . . .

“I’m not going to tell you it’s one thing – it’s not one thing. Sometimes people see something and that might not be the primary receiver and so it might not even be in that part of the progression and read. There’s a lot of things that go into it. The thing I can do is stand before you and tell you that this isn’t an Alex Smith thing, it’s all of us. I know our players understand that and coaches.”

Alex Smith hasn’t been great by any stretch of the imagination, but the idea he is the lone reason for the Chiefs stinking is a weird one.

As for how Reid gets other players to know it isn’t just about the QB failing?

“We all watch tape,” Reid said. “Coaches coach, that’s what we do. And we’re around each other a lot so we all know all of our strengths, coaches and players, we all have strengths as human beings. We all know our strengths and our weaknesses. So I think we all understand that we can all do better. So that’s what we’re working on.”

Regardless, this feels a lot like the end of the Smith at Kansas City era, even if Reid really likes him as a player.