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Brett Favre reacts to Patrick Mahomes being compared to him

Patrick Mahomes II

The Kansas City Chiefs made quite the transition this offseason when they handed the reins over to quarterback Patrick Mahomes. However, it appears the decision was much easier than some may have thought.

Mahomes has received plenty of praise from coaches and teammates for his similarities to Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre. According to BJ Kissel of Chiefs.com, Favre was humbled that the comparison was in a good light:

“Let’s put it this way,” Favre explained. “If I were Mahomes, when or if someone ever said, ‘Hey, this guy is a lot like John Elway.’ I know that would have made my chest stick out. I would have thought, ‘Man, that’s pretty awesome.’ If I were Elway, maybe I wouldn’t pay attention or care about it one way or the other.

“But I would think, just like I feel when I hear that, and at this time in my career and life, I go, ‘Hey, this sure beats the alternatives.’ I sure consider that an honor.”

Such comparisons are a high standard for Mahomes. Then again, expectations remain as high as ever for the second-year quarterback. However, he has certainly shown flashes of a young Favre.

The Green Bay Packers legend was the quintessential gunslinger during his playing days. Needless to say, it is always exciting to have a signal-caller who feels they can complete any throw. Although they are due for a few errant passes every now and then, they bring an explosive dynamic to an offense that simply cannot be taught.

Needless to say, the Chiefs would be elated if Mahomes is anything like Favre. He is certainly in the right environment to do so under head coach Andy Reid, who spent the better part of the 1990’s coaching the future Hall of Famer.