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Chiefs’ Tyrann Mathieu extortion case charge dropped

Charges have been dropped against a New Orleans man who was accused of trying to extort Kansas City Chiefs star Tyrann Mathieu. Geourvon Sears’ pleaded guilty to cutting off his ankle bracelet while he was out on bail and in return the federal extortion charges were dropped according to Nola.com.

Sears was arrested on May 1st and accused of sending texts to Mathieu demanding millions of dollars so he would stay quiet about a sexual misconduct claim.

With the plea deal, Mathieu will not have to take the witness stand in a trial and according to Sears public defender, that is something that Mathieu should be happy about.

Sears’ lead attorney, federal public defender Claude Kelly, said Sears is happy but perhaps not as happy as Mathieu. “The last place he (Mathieu) wanted to be was on the witness stand being cross-examined,” Kelly said.

Denise White, a representative for Mathieu, laughed off Kelly’s remarks. “We’re just happy it’s closed and over with,” she said, declining further comment.

What sexual misconduct claim Sears claims to have is unclear and that is what his attorney could be referring to in the comments. Mathieu has dealt with a lot of off the field issues in his past, and the last thing he needs is to be dealing with that again.

With the charges being dropped in the plea deal this can be put behind Mathieu and he can focus on trying to be the anchor of a Chiefs defense that has dreams of winning the Super Bowl.