Colorado football will once again take center stage in the college football world this weekend as they host USC football. Numerous celebrities will be in attendance for the game, and many different sports TV shows are airing from Boulder throughout the week leading up to the game. What Deion Sanders has done with this Colorado team is unlike anything we've ever seen in college football. The attention that the program has is off the charts, and what makes it more bizarre is that the Buffaloes aren't even that good. They're a lot better this year than they were in 2o22, but last weekend's game against Oregon showed that the Buffaloes still have a lot of work to do.

Skip Bayless is the host of Undisputed, which is one of the many shows out in Boulder this week. On Friday's episode, Deion Sanders came on the show, and he gave Bayless a special shoutout during the broadcast.

“Skip, you get heat oftentimes, but you’ve given a lot of us opportunities that people look past and don’t recognize,” the Colorado football coach told Skip Bayless on the show. “… I appreciate you.”

The two embraced in a hug afterwards, and it was a special moment that Deion Sanders and Skip Bayless shared.

This is a big week for Sanders as his team got exposed last week for the first time this season. He wants to avoid that against USC, and the opportunity is right in front of him to pull off a huge upset. That game should be an exciting one, and it's going to be a fun Saturday of college football around the entire country.