It's been an absolutely bizarre offseason for the NFL and it just won't stop. We've seen multiple big and surprising trades and rumors are ramping up for another one. With contract negotiations between the Washington Commanders and Terry McLaurin not going anywhere, the franchise may opt to trade its superstar wide receiver.

According to Matt Lombardo, Washington is “aiming to avoid paying the skyrocketing [wide receiver] premium we've seen this offseason.” If that's the case, then it's hard to imagine McLaurin signing an extension with the Commanders. We've seen multiple receivers sign massive contracts this offseason, whether they were traded beforehand or not and now it's time to have Terry McLaurin on trade watch.

However, it sounds like the Commanders put themselves in a tough scenario by trading for Carson Wentz. He is not likely the “long-term solution” for Washington, as the franchise is bound to search for an upgrade next offseason, per Matt Lombardo. Additionally, the front office acquired Jahan Dotson in the NFL Draft, which provides the team some insurance in case Terry McLaurin is traded.

With Washington still needing a quarterback, it sounds like the organization is prioritizing finding an upgrade next offseason. Whether that's through the draft or via another trade is yet to be determined. Even though that's a smart plan, it's going to hurt losing Terry McLaurin if a deal cannot be reached. Even so, the Commanders seem confident in Jahan Dotson, which bodes well for his future with the franchise.

Keep an eye on McLaurin, as Washington may have to trade their superstar wide receiver this offseason. Although the Commanders might lose a talented player, they could receive a nice haul of draft picks to increase their chances of building a competitive roster in the future. Look for teams like the Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens, and Jacksonville Jaguars to be all over the NFL rumor mill.