Aaron Rodgers is now officially a Jet. With his move to New York already official, tidbits from his latter years with the Green Bay Packers are starting to trickle out.

While Rodgers was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL for a good chunk of his 15 seasons with the Packers, he posted one of the worst seasons of his career in 2022. He went from NFL MVP to a career-worst QBR campaign, which made his final year in Green Bay less than savory. The Packers brass felt that way too, according to a report from The Athletic's Matt Schneidman.

Green Bay execs reportedly “weren't satisfied” with Aaron Rodgers's “commitment and effort”, beginning with the voluntary OTAs before training camp to even his day-to-day dealings within the locker room afterward. The QB spoke out against what he considered to be “completely ridiculous” accusations:

“When I’m in, I’m all-in, and you wanna ride with offseason workouts?” Aaron Rodgers said of the lingering Packers controversy. “I won MVP without doing offseason workouts. Like, was my commitment any less then? I’d say not at all. The way that I come back to work, not just physically in good shape but mentally refreshed, is the best thing for me to have the season I wanted to have during those in Green Bay.

“I think that’s just a cop-out written to try and find something to disparage me about that, honestly, when you know what offseason workouts are really about, it’s completely ridiculous.”

It's hard not to see both sides of the equation. With Aaron Rodgers now gone and playing for the Jets in the opposite conference, the two parties are now on separate trajectories. But safe to say this isn't the last Rodgers-Packers intel that comes out between now and the beginning of next season.