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Control is Epic Games Store’s weekly free game for June 11-June 17

Control Epic Games Store Free Game June 11-17

Triple-A game Control is this week’s free Epic Games Store giveaway. The 2019 hit title arrives as Epic Games Store‘s weekly free game for June 11-June 17, and gamers shouldn’t let this opportunity pass them by.

In Control, you play as Jesse Faden, the new director of the Federal Bureau of Control. Jesse enters the Old House, a Place of Power in New York City. The place is space-defying, and all sorts of weird and mind-boggling stuff happen within it. It serves as the global headquarters of the FBC, housing many Altered Items and Objects of Power. The Old House is where research on such paranatural objects and phenomena happens, and as the FBC’s new director, you’re there to uncover the secrets of “Altered World Events.”

Control is an action-adventure game, where the player explores the Old House in a Metroidvania-style format. Faden comes to the Old House to find answers about his brother’s disappearance, but then becomes embroiled in a paranatural event: The Hiss, a paranormal being, invades the Old House and takes over parts of it. The Hiss bends reality and violates spacetime in the corrupted parts of the building that it has taken over. Jesse has to defeat The Hiss, along with the corrupted FBC Employees it has put under its control with its supernatural powers.

Earlier this year, Control‘s next-generation version got released, and its Ultimate Edition became part of the PS+ library for February 2021.