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Courtney Lee provides an interesting explanation for his late-game heroics in Miami

courtney lee

The Charlotte Hornets left Miami on Wednesday night with a stunning 90-88 victory to give them a 3-2 series lead after being down 0-2.

It came very close to going the other way though, and for a brief period of time it appeared that Courtney Lee was going to be the goat.

With the Hornets trailing 88-87 late, Lee missed a breakaway layup that would’ve given his team the lead. At that point, he only had five points while shooting one-for-eight from the floor.

Then, redemption.

After Kemba Walker missed a step-back jumper in the final minute, Lee flew through the lane to grab the offensive rebound before hitting the game-winning 3-pointer.

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After the final whistle blew, Lee was waved down by the sideline reporter for a postgame interview. When asked how he found it within himself to come up with such a clutch shot, Lee gave an interesting answer.

“I had a massage yesterday, and we pretty much do Bible study in the massage session, and she was explaining faith. And it was just like, ‘Believe in something that you can’t see.’ It was not my best shooting performance. I felt like I couldn’t make a shot, but the biggest shot went in, so I’m grateful.”