Cowboys news: Ezekiel Elliott wants some respect on his name
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Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott wants some respect on his name

Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliott has been the model of consistency at the running back position since joining the Dallas Cowboys in 2016. In a series of tweets on Thursday, Elliott is longing for everyone to put some respect on his name.

The three-time Pro Bowler began his tirade on Twitter by sharing his disappointment on why some people are demeaning his game to uplift other running backs.

Elliott would proceed to exclaim that his numbers year in and year out are enough to prove his status in the league.

Then, the All-Pro rusher would finish his rant thanking fans and members of the league for holding him to high standards. However, Elliott also pointed out that no one holds him to higher standards than himself.

While some people are unaware of Elliott’s reasoning behind his flurry of tweets, his frustration likely stems from an ESPN article that was published nearly a week ago. Within the article, he was voted as the third-best running back by NFL executives, coaches, and players.

Besides receiving glowing compliments, one NFL coach said that Elliott doesn’t look like the same player he once was. Elliott himself admitted that other running backs performed better than him last season.

In his first four seasons, Ezekiel Elliott has notched 1,700-plus yards from scrimmage in three of them. Even in 2017, when he was suspended for six games, he still finished with 1,252 yards from scrimmage.

While most people praise Elliott for his performance on the field, he’s tired of the critics that believe he’s lost a step. As a result, we could see an extra-motivated version of Elliott in 2020.