Cowboys news: Amari Cooper holds very high standards for himself
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Cowboys’ Amari Cooper holds very high standards for himself

Cowboys news: Amari Cooper holds very high standards for himself

The Dallas Cowboys struck gold when trading for Amari Cooper. Although many believe the price tag of a first-round pick was high for the wide receiver, he definitely showed up strongly for them in his first year.

Cooper spent the first six games of 2018 with the Oakland Raiders. In Oakland, he caught just 22 passes for 280 yards and one touchdown. He was then traded to the Cowboys for the first-round pick mentioned earlier. The change of scenery seemed to do wonders for him. Cooper played nine games for Dallas, reeling in 53 receptions for 725 yards and six touchdowns.

Despite the strong finish to his season, Cooper isn’t about to get complacent. In an interview with Calvin Watkins of “The Athletic”, Cooper expressed the high standards he holds for himself when talking about drops.

“Every time. Technically speaking, if the ball touches your hands and you don’t catch it, then it’s a drop,” Cooper said. “I always say the job of the receiver is to make the quarterback look good and vice versa. If the quarterback isn’t accurate on a particular pass, you should still catch it if it hits your hands to make him look good. That’s how I’ve always thought about it.”

After his first two seasons in the NFL, Amari Cooper was widely considered one of the best young receivers in the league. He was expected to become one of the greats in the NFL and it was hard to argue with the assumption.

However, in 2017 things took a major step backwards, and the start of 2018 was even worse. That’s probably why Amari Cooper seems so keen on holding himself accountable. He knows things can go south in a hurry. Therefore, he’s ready to do everything he can to help his quarterback and his team. The Dallas Cowboys got their man.