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Cowboys will have most of their training camp open to the public


NFL training camps are a great place for teams to figure out just what their roster will look like in the upcoming year. It’s also a great place for fans to see their favorite players, and interact with them in a way they might not be able to. For Dallas Cowboys fans, they’re in for a treat, as most of the Cowboys training camp sessions will be open to the public.

When the Cowboys released their training camp schedule, it was revealed that the team will once again be having a ton of open practices.

According to Pro Football Talk, Dallas will be returning to Oxnard for the eighth year in a row on July 25, with the first practice set for July 27. After their 15 practice sessions there, the team will be traveling back to Texas to practice at their indoor facility in Frisco.

In today’s day and age, it isn’t unusual to see more teams opening up their doors for practice, but it still isn’t a widely done thing.

The Philadelphia Eagles, for instance, will only one have training camp open to the public this year, which is a bit surprising given how many fans love going to watch.

Of course, with teams practicing more and more at their own facilities, they likely would rather be able to watch players on their own, without an excited crowd. Still, it looks like the Cowboys will be living up to their “America’s Team” moniker by allowing fans to come to a ton of practices.

It will be a great place for fans to see their favorite stars, and get a look at what promises to be a potent offense and defense in the NFC.