Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin ripped into wide receiver Amari Cooper for not being vaccinated on Tuesday after Cooper was forced to miss Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Speaking to TMZ, Irvin bashed Cooper’s decision to remain unvaccinated.

“Are you joking? I got a guy named Cedrick Wilson catching passes who makes $2 million and a guy named Noah Brown who makes $1 million? And I got a guy who makes $21 million, on the bench, at home, not playing. it’s crazy.”

Well, after one Cowboys fan brought up Irvin’s own controversial past on Twitter, including his arrest at 29 for the possession of cocaine, the former wide receiver lost his cool and clapped back viciously in a since-deleted tweet. Fortunately, we have the receipts.

Irvin didn’t leave anything for the imagination with his NSFW response and declared his political allegiance to Super Bowl rings, rather than the right or left. While Irvin did eventually delete his tweet, he left it up for nearly an hour before taking it down.

Cooper will also be forced to miss Dallas’ Thanksgiving matchup with the Las Vegas Raiders, marking the second consecutive game for which the star wide receiver will be sidelined due to the illness. Irvin, wanting to see his former team succeed, has run out of patience for Cooper, and evidently never had any patience for Cowboys fans on social media.

Cooper’s next chance to play will come against the New Orleans Saints in Week 13, but if the Cowboys see a bad result against the Raiders on Thursday, you can expect Irvin to make himself heard.