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Dak Prescott doesn’t think throwing away a cup is a big deal

During the Cowboys‘ win over Baltimore, rookie quarterback Dak Prescott made a viral splash without even knowing it. While sitting on the bench between drives, Prescott attempted to throw away his cup and missed. Instead of letting the trash sit on the ground or having someone else pick it up for him, he immediately got up and put it in the trash.

This move by Prescott was strange for some to see. There are not many NFL players who get noticed for a down-to-earth move like that one. Despite what his ex-girlfriend says, Dak Prescott might be as modest as many think.

On Tuesday afternoon he was asked about the trash incident, and he brushed it off:

Prescott went on to say, “I just simply missed the garbage can and didn’t think much of it. I got up and put my trash where it belongs.” He might not have thought much of it, but others did. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that he was “proud of him for doing that.”

As the season goes on and the Cowboys success continues, only more eyes will fall on Dak. If he keeps actions like this one up, it will be hard for anyone to not like him.

Prescott has managed to steal away the hearts of Cowboys fans from Tony Romo. At this pace, he will hold on to them for as long as one can see.

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