Kevin Durant just hit a jumper to cut the Warriors‘ lead to 43-41 with 4:32 left in the second quarter of Game 2. The Warriors looked like a bouquet of dolts in transition defense and, having had a nine point lead evaporate to two, coach Steve Kerr had seen enough. Kerr immediately called timeout.

Durant had his staid 21 points on eight for 12 from the field, seemingly well on his way towards the solid shooting performance that has eluded him often over the course of these playoffs. So, in his excitement, he decided to… tell Dion Waiters — the guy who just assisted on that very jumper — off? Then physically shove him to his side?

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“Woah!” You might be thinking without further context. Our current incarnation of Kevin Durant isn't the Kevin Durant in years past — the humble, soft-spoken, raw talent who just wanted to drink Scarlett Johansson's bath water — but he also hasn't fully devolved into a megalomaniac who screams obscenities into the ears of his underlings for his own personal satisfaction. Or so I think, anyway.

Here is a look at the possession in question where Waiters, dribbling up the court in transition, the Warriors foolishly focusing all their attention on him, ignores a streaking Durant on the opposite side of the floor for what could have been an Earth-shattering, circadian-rhythm disrupting, spacetime continuum altering dunk if Durant put on, like, 80 more pounds.

So, Durant didn't get his alley-oop, but got the pass that turned into two points anyway. Naturally, that meant his only course of action was to go up to the guy who made, then amended, his mistake and say “hey, f*** you!”

“Pass me the motherf***ing ball,” said Durant to Waiters directly after two “f*** you”s. He literally did pass you the motherf***ing ball, Kevin!

Nevertheless, it was all smiles afterwards, and it appears to have been a good, old-fashioned brotherly interaction — in a strange manifestation but, still. Maybe Durant really has devolved into a megalomaniac. Regardless, I think we can safely assume that Waiters won't be ignoring a cutting Durant in the future.