As part of the celebration of the Minecraft 15th Anniversary, a documentary that features artists from all around the world was released. Each of these artists includes a touch of Minecraft in their artwork.

Minecraft Artist Documentary “Shape Your World”

“For over 15 years, Minecraft has been a grand and inspiring place, with every individual's journey a unique one.

To celebrate how Minecraft has been shaping all of these worlds, we put our blocks to the test and connected with artists from across the world, to see what happens when they inject Minecraft into their creative processes.”

Shape Your World takes Minecraft fans into the various phases that the artists went through to produce their respective arts. Watch them Explore, Plan, Create, and Share in the documentary.

The ten-minute mini-documentary featured five artists:

Camila Salina is a Mexican-American artist from Texas who uses mixed media to create pretty extraordinary self-portraits from quite ordinary, everyday moments. “When I first got this opportunity, I was like completely surprised,” said Salina.

Elliot Ulm is the creative mind from Australia using graphic design combined with a healthy dose of sarcasm and humor to wow the world. Elliot is a lot like many of us – “I have a discord community, we made a server together with a bunch of graphic designers on the server,” he said. “Graphic designers are really good at Minecraft.”

Kenza Trasfi is a French artist and pretty much the queen of customization. Sneakers, skateboards, game controllers – name it and she can customize it! For her, Minecraft is a little more personal. “Minecraft holds a special place because it's part of my relationship with my little brother, who is 13 years younger than me,” says Trasfi.

Filippo Giusti is the Mexico-based painter using what he calls essentialism to not only capture the look of his subject but the essence and colors within. Filippo is new to the blocky world, saying that “exploring the game as a new player, it was actually a nice metaphor for my experience as an artist in Mexico.”

Environmentally conscious architect and designer Benjamin Uyeda sources materials from his surroundings you’d never look twice at and turns them into incredible furniture. “I've been aware of Minecraft since its inception,” says Uyeda. “It was one of those ‘o.g.' fixtures of the internet.”

Finished products spanned from paintings to a real-life arrangement of blocks using a custom press.

More artists are involved, according to Mojang.  Berlin painter Luisa Carolina, Tokyo manga artist Shinn Uchida, São Paulo mural artist Deco Farkas, German multimedia and graffiti artist Bond Truluv,  and Japanese watercolor artist Harumichi Shibasaki.

Minecraft 15th Anniversary

This special Minecraft documentary is part of the Minecraft 15th anniversary celebration. This involves 15 consecutive days of discounts, surprises, and blocky celebrations. This began on May 15th, and the Java Realms' 10th anniversary fell on May 16th, the second day of the Minecraft celebration.

Minecraft was first made public in May 2009 with the Pre-Classic version and fully released version 1.0 on November 18, 2011, after two years of developmental phases. It has since been made available on a plethora of platforms, ranging from the Raspberry Pi to the PlayStation 4.

Minecraft is the best-selling video game in history with over 300,000,000 sales across all of its platforms as of late 2023.

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