Los Angeles Dodgers star Max Muncy recently addressed the team's 2022 MLB Playoff loss against the San Diego Padres, per Dodgers Nation.

“That was a tough exit last year,” Muncy told Doug McKain of Dodgers Nation. “We played poorly, they played great. They outplayed us… I still think about it every single day about what happened in that series. We gotta make sure that doesn't happen again.”

LA ultimately won 111 games during the 2022 season. The Padres made the playoffs as a Wild Card team and went on to upset the Dodgers after defeating the New York Mets in the NL Wild Card Series. San Diego had previously struggled mightily against Los Angeles. But they finally found a way to take care of business.

Max Muncy and LA need to use the 2022 MLB Playoffs as a wake-up call. They can't allow San Diego to carry their momentum against the Dodgers into 2023.

Max Muncy also commented on the signing of JD Martinez as well as Justin Turner's offseason departure in his Dodgers Nation interview. Muncy said that losing Turner “hurt,” but he's “excited” to work alongside Martinez.

Los Angeles had a quiet offseason for the most part. But as aforementioned, this is a ball club that won 111-games last year. They will remain confident in themselves despite the Padres' plethora of offseason moves.

With that being said, San Diego will likely challenge the Dodgers for the National League West title in 2023. It projects to be a compelling division as the Dodgers-Padres rivalry continues on.