It's almost the end of the year, but the new season for Dota 2 is just starting. As part of the Winter Season of the DPC 2021-2022 League, the new Dota Winter Battle Pass 2021 has just been released. Included in it are spectacular new items and skins, as well as the return of Aghanim's Labyrinth. Here's everything you need to know about the brand-new Dota Winter Battle Pass 2021.

Winter Battle Pass 2021 Price

But first and foremost, let's talk about how much it takes to join in. As usual, Dota 2‘s Battle Pass needs to be purchased, which means Uncle Gaben will be taking all our wallets and run them dry again.

Level 1 Bundle – $7.49
Level 2 Bundle – $26.99
Level 3 Bundle – $41.99

You can also buy levels for your friends, or gift a battle pass to them. When you do so, you'll get some extra Levels for yourself, too.

Dota 2 Winter Battle Pass 2021 Rewards

It might be hard to track everything you can earn from the Dota 2 Winter Battle Pass 2021, so we're going to help you out take the filth off the Battle Pass. Here, we'll be featuring each reward type throughout the Battle Pass. This is to give more order to the entire rewards track, which could get overwhelming and/or cluttered.

Level 1
Lefty (Evolving Courier) – Original
The Reading Palms (Ward)

Level 3
High Flying Squirrel (Hoodwink Taunt)

Level 54
Creep Creations (Medusa Taunt)

Level 70
The King Doesn't Walk, He Rules (Wraith King Taunt)

Level 94
Woodland Warbands (Creeps Skin)

Level 100
Party Monster (Nightstalker Taunt)

Level 135
Mirana of Nightsilver (Mirana Persona)

Level 175
Unhidden Talents (Razor Taunt)

Level 200
Grasp of the Elder Gods (Tower Skin)

Level 235
Dark Moon Bundle (Mirana Persona Alternate Costume)

Level 277
Tomo'kan Incarnate (Hoodwink Immortal)

Level 333
Dread Retribution Bundle (Drow Ranger Arcana)

Unlock Levels for Lefty Styles

The Lefty evolving courier will have unlockable styles. These can be obtained by leveling up your Winter Battle Pass. Here are their unlock levels:

Level 96
Gem of Truesight Style

Level 162
Ultimate Orb Style

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Level 249
Linken's Sphere Style

Level 356
Refresher Orb Style

Level 409
Octarine Core Style

Level 465
Aegis of the Immortal Style

Aghanim's 2021 Immortal Treasure

8 new immortals (10 if you include the Very Rare alternate styles) are introduced in the Winter Battle Pass 2021. These are:

Claws of Nuranu (Lone Druid Arms)
Draca Maw (Huskar Weapon)
Immortal Pantheon (Zeus Back)
Emerald Subjugation (Underlord Head)
Aktok's Domain (Venomancer Shoulder & Stinger Limbs)
The Bell of Meranthia (Naga Siren Head)
Paragon's Pride Bundle (Omniknight Back & Arms)
Golden Immortal Pantheon (Very Rare Zeus Back)
Golden Draca Maw (Very Rare Huskar Weapon)
Soul Shredder (Ultra Rare Doom Weapon & Taunt)

A cosmically rare Aghanim's 2021 Emblem can also be obtained from the Immortal Treasure, but it might take you millions of tries before you could snag one.

What Levels Do You Get Treasures?

You occasionally get new Treasures as you level up your Winter Battle Pass. Here are the Levels on when you get these Immortal Treasures:

Aghanim's 2021 Immortal Treasure
Level 1
Level 10
Level 36
Level 52
Level 76
Level 109
Level 153
Level 205
Level 234… then every 20 Levels

Dota 2 The New Frontier Update 7.33 Patch Notes

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Aghanim's 2021 Continuum Collection
Level 8
Level 46
Level 82
Level 131
Level 177
Level 220… then every 20 Levels

Aghanim's 2021 Ageless Heirlooms
Level 26
Level 66
Level 106
Level 128
Level 150
Level 180
Level 198
Level 227… then every 20 Levels

Aghanim's 2021 Trust of the Benefactor
Level 242… then every 50 Levels

The Return of Cavern Crawl

Cavern Crawl is back once again, making your All-hero challenge all the more interesting this season. The following three bundles are available to unlock in this season's Cavern Crawl:

Carry Route: Augur of Oblivion – Faceless Void
Support Route: Haven of the Hinterheart – Treant Protector
Utility Route: Trappings of the Old-Timers – Bounty Hunter

The Return of Aghanim's Labyrinth: Continuum Conundrum

Aghanim is back, and this time he needs your help to solve the mess he made. This rogue-like game mode lets you queue with three other friends, exploring randomly-generated dungeons, defeating monsters, and building the most powerful hero ever. Choose one from the fourteen initial heroes and pave your path in Aghanim's ever-changing maze.

To make your life easier, there are a couple of bonuses you can unlock that will give you better chances of overcoming Aghanim's Labyrinth. There are fifteen more heroes you can unlock to play with, which get unlocked randomly as you reach Levels 5, 38, 68, 90, 123, 171, 210, 230, 262, 295, 325, 345, 378, 403, and 445.

You can also accumulate Arcane Fragments, which you can use to unlock Aghanim's Blessings. These unlockable odds and baubles tip the odds to your party's favor. At Levels 80, 189, and 337, you'll unlock a bonus that adds 10% additional Arcane Fragments from your Aghanim's Labyrinth run.

Tip the scales at your favor, and conquer Aghanim's Labyrinth to save the powerful magus from his own machinations.