The Florida State football program got dealt a massive blow on Sunday afternoon when they became the first Power 5 conference champion to complete a perfect 13-0 season and be left out of the College Football Playoff. Boo Corrigan, the chair of the CFP, claimed that selection committee believed without starting quarterback Jordan Travis in the picture, the Florida State football team was “a different team than they were through the first 11 weeks,” and while that may be true, it's still a gut-punch for every Noles fan out there that was hoping their perfect season would end with a National Championship.

It hasn't just been those affiliated with the Florida State football program who have been outraged by the committee's decision to leave the Seminoles hanging. It's prompted opposing coaches and former players who never worn the Garnet and Gold to speak out against the decision. One of those individuals is former Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, who was joined by former FSU quarterback Danny Kanell to discuss the fallout from the decision on Coach K's Basketball and Beyond Podcast.

“The committee got it wrong,” Mike Krzyzewski told Kanell. “What they did to Florida State was wrong. I can’t believe the coaches in that room let this happen.”

Now we can take Coach K's statement with a grain of salt given the fact that Duke and Florida State belong to the same conference, and if the powers that be in the NCAA deem the undefeated ACC Conference Champion not worthy of participating in the College Football Playoff, who knows when the basketball side of things will start to be effected. With that said though, Krzyzewski does raise a good point. Any coach around the country would be arguing for their team to make it into the College Football Playoff if their team was in a similar position as Florida State, and if they said otherwise they're flat-out lying.

Do I think Florida State, as currently constructed, is one of the four best teams in the country? No, of course not. I didn't even necessarily feel that way before Jordan Travis suffered a season-ending injury, but that shouldn't matter when a team goes undefeated and comes out of a conference that has been deemed as one of the Power 5 conferences. What are we playing the games for if at the end of the season the records actually don't matter?