After building early chemistry over the Philadelphia Eagles’ offseason programs, Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown have picked up where they left off at. The two have been standout performers over the opening days of the Eagles’ training camp schedule.

From getting more work in during passing drills to simply going over the playbook with Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen, Hurts and Brown are continuing to get crucial reps together ahead of the team’s preseason games.

On Hurts’ part, it has been smooth sailing in tagging along with the one-time Pro Bowler. As Hurts touched on during a press conference at Eagles’ training camp earlier this week, he sees that he is “growing together” with Brown.

“It’s a day-by-day thing,” Hurts said. “I think we’re growing together. I think we’re adjusting together. Our relationship is changing and going from best friends to best friends on the field as well. Just trying to make things go.

“Seeing how he does, just having a feel for him, him having a feel for me and how I see that game. And just being on the same page.”

From Steichen’s standpoint, he believes that both Hurts and Brown are making “great strides” on offense.

“I think they’re making great strides,” Steichen said. “They’ve spent a lot of time together in the offseason, obviously in spring and then they threw again in the summer. It shows up, the timing, right?

“With anything, wide receivers and quarterbacks, it’s not like it just happens overnight. It’s been good to see. They’re talking through things right after every period. They are talking about, hey, we got to run it more like this and this ball needs to be here. Those things take time but it's been good to see and the progress has been really good.”

For now, the Eagles sure are already looking ahead to their public practice at Lincoln Financial Field this Sunday. They will then turn their attention to their preseason opener, which will come with a home clash against the New York Jets on Aug. 12. It remains to be seen whether Hurts and Brown may receive any snaps together on offense in the game.