Khalid's angelic voice was set to swell through the Washington Commander's arena on Saturday night as the opening act for Ed Sheeran's Mathematics Tour. However, the Young Dumb & Broke singer was in a car accident, keeping him from performing. So, Sheeran welcomed a surprise opening act: himself.

Sheeran told his audience of 60,000 that Khalid “got in a car accident this week,” and confirmed he would be his own opening act.”He's recovering, and we wish him the best,” he said.

“And I’m going to say this after every song because if people don’t know I was going to be the opening acts today, people are going to be walking in being like, ‘This show isn’t what I thought it was. I thought there would be more fireworks.' But here we are,” the singer songwriter joked.

Sheeran kept his excitement up. “Usually when I start playing, as well, it's like pitch black. And now I get to see everyone. And it's awesome!”

“This is pretty fun,” he continued. “I kind of feel like when you're the main act, there's like…a bunch of pressure. …I feel like when you're the opening act it's sort of like, ‘let’s have fun.'”

Khalid was previously announced as Sheeran's opener back in October. He shared on Instagram: “So excited to join my bro Ed Sheeran on tour! This will be my first time performing on a stadium run, and I’m extremely happy to be doing it with [Ed Sheeran]. can’t wait to see and perform for all of you beautiful people (pun intended hahaha),” he said, referencing their collaborative hit Beautiful People.