Elden Ring is a large game. This is the first time we're experiencing an open-world Souls game from FromSoftware. Their previous Souls games are already lengthy. Given the open-world nature of the new game, does it make it even longer? Curious about Elden Ring length to complete? How long does it take to beat Elden Ring?

Elden Ring game length confirmed by Producer: About 30 Hours

Thankfully, we do know how long an average playthrough of Elden Ring will take. According to Producer Yasuhiro Kitao, as reported by Game Rant, the average player will be able to complete Elden Ring in roughly thirty hours. Of course, the mileage will vary depending on the player. The open-world nature of the game can extend the game length depending on the player's tendency to explore. On top of that, the game will have tons of side-content that players might like to pursue. Finally, players will not be able to 100% complete the game in a single playthrough, so that would roughly double a player's play time if they're going full completionist. Kitao would stress, however, that the dev team designed the game with a thirty-hour cap in mind, early on in development.

The thirty-hour game completion time actually lines up with FromSoftware‘s other titles. Based on HowLongToBeat.com, Dark Souls: Remastered torments players for about 29 hours, Dark Souls 2 for 36 hours, and Dark Souls 3 for about 36 hours. Give or take 30 hours is just up to par for FromSoftware's latest offering.