At 18 years old, Emily Schunk began streaming herself playing League of Legends. Years later, she has amassed more than 900,000 followers and an impressive 15.6 million views on Twitch. Let’s dig into Emiru’s net worth in 2022.

Emiru’s Net Worth in 2022 (Estimate): $1.5 million

Emiru's net worth in 2022, Emiru net worth in 2022

Emiru’s net worth in 2022 is $1.5 million. This is according to numerous outlets, including Famous Birthdays.

Emiru was born Emily Schunk on January 13, 1998 to a Chinese mother and a German-American father. She grew up in Wichita, Kansas. Schunk has said that Twitch streamer Trick2g’s reposted content on YouTube inspired her to take up streaming, which initially started only as a hobby. But since then, the rest was history for the young streamer-cosplayer.

Although she already had a following by 2020, Emiru’s career took off even further when she signed with esports organization Cloud9. There, she spoke of being able to collaborate with more people and have better opportunities overall. However, the cosplayer-streamer most recently made news early in 2022 after leaving Cloud9. Afterwards, she reportedly then joined Texas-based gaming organization One True King.

Outside of streaming, Emiru is also known for her incredible work in the world of cosplay. However, the Twitch personality clarified in an exclusive interview with SVG that her love for it and gaming developed separately, with the latter becoming more of the focus when she was growing up.

“I did grow up playing N64 and GameCube games. But cosplay, I kind of just played dress-up as a kid. My parents would buy me a lot of costumes, and it kind of started from there, but I didn’t start putting my own costumes together or buying my own costumes until middle school or something like that.”

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As her newfound interest for cosplay slowly became a long-term passion, she steadily become a fan favorite, owing to her makeup and incredibly detailed outfits. Among the characters she has recreated include those from contemporary video game Genshin Impact, as well as Link from the iconic franchise Legend of Zelda. When asked by SVG on how she chooses the characters she cosplays, Emiru said:

“Sometimes I will just cosplay a character because their design appeals to me. But I do notice that when I cosplay a character that I picked because I liked them a lot and feel a connection to them, it usually turns out a lot better and people like it more.”

As of writing this piece, Emiru has over 309,000 subscribers and a total of over 11 million views on YouTube. On the other hand, her Twitter account has amassed almost 545,000 followers. Meanwhile, her Instagram profile, which mostly features herself engaging in cosplay, has garnered a following of more than 525,000 users. As for the account that started it all, her Twitch profile is still growing steadily, now with over 933,000 followers and 15 million views. Obviously, this all helps to add to Emiru’s net worth in 2022.

It isn’t only the numbers that back up Emiru’s success. In the recent Streamer Awards, Schunk received a nomination as Best League of Legends Streamer. Her well-regarded cosplay also led to an exciting turn of events when it was inadvertently revealed that the game that heavily inspired her took notice of her in return. In fact, in 2021, the 24-year-old cosplayed Gwen, a newly released champion in League of Legends. This caught the attention of Anniosart, an illustrator for the game’s developer Riot Games, who revealed in a tweet that Emiru indeed partially inspired the project via her cosplay.

In the SVG interview, the 24-year-old gushed further about the turn of events, exclaiming that the revelation took her completely by surprise.

“That was really surprising. Ever since I started streaming League, people would say I look similar to characters pretty often because of my makeup style. When Gwen was released, there were a lot more people saying that she reminded me of her than normal, but I didn’t think anything of it. … And when I did my big cosplay of it, the artist who painted Gwen was like, ‘Oh yeah, I had you on the reference board for her.’ … So it’s kind of like I have a small piece in the game that is my life.”

Since 2016, her fledgling hobby of streaming League of Legends content has also spread into a succesful career in cosplaying. Despite turning only 24 years old this year, Emiru has become a widely known Internet personality in a relatively short period of time. For this, she has reportedly gained an estimate of $1.5 million in terms of net worth.

With that said, were you at all stunned by Emiru’s net worth in 2022?