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Enes Kanter takes shot at Kevin Durant while praising Russell Westbrook

Enes Kanter

A beef may very well be growing between Enes Kanter and Kevin Durant.

The two visibly got in a verbal altercation during the fourth quarter of the ThunderWarriors game Thursday night. After the game, Durant mocked Kanter’s playing time when addressing the incident. Now, Kanter is firing back.

Kanter knows exactly what he’s doing here. There’s no problem with him praising Russell Westbrook of course, but he had to add at he end the comment that is clearly directed at Durant.

Breakups are always messy and KD leaving the Thunder was never going to be pretty. The Thunder are in such a tough spot now, although 5-1 to start the season it does feel like the franchise is not near the title contender it once was with Durant in OKC. It might be leaving some players like Kanter a little bitter, especially after the Warriors dominated them so badly on national television.

As this saga has gone, Kanter’s comments will surely get back to Durant tomorrow and we’ll see what KD’s response is.

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