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Kevin Durant mocks Enes Kanter’s playing time in postgame press conference

Kevin Durant, Enes Kanter
Layne Murdoch Jr./Getty Images

The Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors game on Thursday night was one of the most-anticipated matchups this season. The Dubs won and blew out OKC by 26 points, 122-96.

Although the match did not live up to the hype being a one-sided affair, emotions clearly ran high throughout the game as players were seen talking to each other more than usual. Kevin Durant was seen saying a few things to the Thunder bench and had Enes Kanter return the favor to him.

During Durant’s turn at the podium for the post-game media session, he had a few words to say to his former teammate and mocked him for only playing a few minutes off the bench. He also took a shot at Kanter on possibly taking to Twitter and posting something about him or the game.

It will be very interesting to see how Kanter will respond to Durant’s mocking should he decide to. But as everyone saw tonight, these two teams are already starting a rivalry and will not be surprising at all if the players would go back and forth in taking shots on one another.

Kanter has since only tweeted this:

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