Undisputed on FS1 officially returned on Monday morning, as Skip Bayless welcomed his new cohosts of Richard Sherman, Keyshawn Johnson, and Michael Irvin. Bayless was fired up to be back on the air, introducing his new show and new introduction song by Lil Wayne with some emphatic slams on the table, via Undisputed.

“This is the greatest morning of my career. This is about to be the greatest show I have ever been a part of…I am about to introduce my new dream team of cohosts. You just heard our new intro song from my brother Lil Wayne…I haven't changed one bit…LeBron [James] still has no clutch gene, Aaron Rodgers is still the most overhyped player in NFL history, and my Cowboys will still rise above middle-of-the-pack Dak and Mike McCarthy.”

Skip Bayless is so excited that he is pretty much out of breath. He explains the changes that are coming to the show while also emphasizing the things that will stay the same. He then gets ready to introduce his new team of Michael Irvin, Richard Sherman and Keyshawn Johnson.

Undisputed was off of the air for quite some time after the exit of Shannon Sharpe, who will now be joining Stephen A Smith on ESPN's First Take. It will be very interesting to see if the trio of Sherman, Irvin and Johnson will be able to make up for the loss of the personality that is Sharpe, especially because they will now have to compete with him on ESPN.

Tune into Undisputed on FSI to see Bayless and his new crew, as although it looks a lot different, it will certainly still be an entertaining show.