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Erik Spoelstra vehemently disagrees with refs’ decision to eject Goran Dragic

goran dragic, erik spoelstra
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra was not happy in the least with the ejection of his point guard, Goran Dragic during the third quarter of their game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night.

Dragic was ejected along with Lakers shooting guard Jordan Clarkson for a scuffle that happened when the two battled for rebounding position.


“That’s really shameful, disgraceful that Goran Dragic got thrown out of that game,” Spoelstra told ESPN’s Baxter Holmes. “It’s an elbow to the face, somebody that wants to fight, knocks him down on the ground, and it’s just a bail-out, shameful, disgraceful ejection. There’s no way he should be thrown out of that situation for just taking an elbow to the face, getting up, not even necessarily defending himself, just getting up. But at that point, it’s an eight-point game, and we pretty much just let it go from there.”

The Lakers rode the momentum to the end of regulation, coming out with a lopsided 127-100 win. Spoelstra is still unsure if the league will rescind Dragic’s technical, but is hopeful it will.

“Who knows? Who cares? We’ll probably have a report tomorrow,” Spoelstra said. “Whatever. I mean, you can look at it over and over and over. He’s just taking a two-handed shove, an elbow to the chin, and he gets ejected for that. None of us get it. None of us understand it, and I could care less about hearing any kind of explanation about it tomorrow.”

His counterpart, Lakers coach Luke Walton didn’t think the incident warranted the ejection, because it wasn’t “that big of a deal” and said the officials should have just “keep the game moving, let’s go.”

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