Paul Finebaum is something to behold. I don’t know for what reason or purpose, but people seem to really like the guy. Who am I to blame them?

Anyway, the man with a radio show known to tout the SEC as the best thing since sliced-bread, is now changing his tune. Well, just a little bit.

In a mostly — and unusual for Paul Finebaum — sane stringing of words, the ESPN personality said it is time to be honest about the SEC. That the league, despite having the Alabama Crimson Tide, is no longer the best in the nation.

“It’s time to tell the truth down here. The SEC won six straight national championships and owned college football but it doesn’t anymore,” Finebaum said. “I think a lot of the coaching hires have been very questionable.”

Okay, so, he didn’t exactly say the SEC is trash or anything like that, but coming from him, those are some harsh words.

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It is strange, though, how the conference is graded with such a harsh curve attached to it. It won six straight national titles and everyone is all over the league because it is now only top-heavy? Isn’t that like disliking a spouse because of his/her siblings? What do the Florida Gators not being able to score points have to do with the Georgia Bulldogs?

Yes. Yes. An entire league’s resume matters and all that jazz.

Here is to hoping Paul Finebaum will be fine after his devoted, and mostly SEC-loving, fan base gets upset over this. Hell has no fury like an SEC fan felt as if s/he has been done wrong.