With the start of the NBA season, Sequoia Games releases the Flex NBA Series 2 Expansion Sets and 1-Player Artist Edition Starter Sets.

Coming out on Walmart, NBA fans can get their hands on two new Flex NBA products that are hitting shelves just in time for the start of the 2022-2023 NBA season. These two products are the Flex NBA Series 2 Expansions Sets and 1-Player Artist Edition Starter Sets. The latter features exclusive artwork showcasing the NBA’s most popular players, including LeBron James, Ja Morant, James Harden, Karl-Anthony Towns, and 6 other NBA stars, created by artists Kevin Deng, Shion Minabe, Yu-Ming Huang, and Andrew Pieterz. Five of these unique Flexagons are included with each 1 Player Starter Set. Including the 1-Player Artist Edition Starter Set, each Flex NBA Starter Set product also includes 1 NBA Exclusive Game Board and 4 FX Tiles.

While available for direct purchase on Walmart, fans can also purchase directly online from the Sequoia Games’ website and purchase the 1-Player Artist Edition Starter Set for $39.99 and the Series 2 Expansion Set for $12.99.

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“There are almost no words to describe how exciting it is to see Flex NBA featured on the shelves of America’s No. 1 big-box retailer in Walmart,” says Sequoia Games CEO Dan Choi. “Just in time for the holidays and the start of the NBA season, it’s a tremendous opportunity to introduce a whole new generation of shoppers to Flex NBA.”

Flex NBA is a trading card game that mixes collecting cards, 3D AR technology, and 4K technology in one product. Created by Sequoia Games, Flex NBA is a Web3.0 metaverse gaming platform that fuses NBA players with the latest in digital technology through the game’s mobile Flex NBA Companion App, available for free download on both iOS and Android. The game is played with Flexagon tiles that feature original artwork depicting individual NBA stars and gameplay powers called Flexes. Each tile contains a unique registration number and features AR animation that comes alive when partnered with the Companion App, enabling the AR animation, or the Flex Anywhere feature.