If you ever dreamed about Fortnite getting into the Terminator game, then you're going to be thrilled to find out about the new Sarah Connor and T-800 skins the video game has to offer.

While Fortnite has now been dominating the landscape for several years, it always helps when the developers keep it fresh. It's likely why, coupled with good gameplay, they've regularly focused on adding pop-culture relevant skins whenever possible. This ranges from incredibly random things, to comic book heroes, and now to those in the Terminator universe.

Sadly, there's no Edward Furlong. Sorry, kids.

Anyway, here's the Terminator skins Fortnite dropped, featuring our robot murdering hero Sarah Connor and the T-800 (not to be confused with the other 799 models, apparently).

Fortnite Terminator Skins of Sarah Connor And The T-800

Fortnite, Sarah Connor, Terminator, T-800

A little H/T and love to Epic Games for the image.

Obviously, while the skins do jump out, that robotic hand does as well. Probably a melee weapon with (perhaps) some extra juice?

While the Terminator franchise hasn't churned out a good movie in… ugh… multiple decades, maybe Sarah Connor and the T-800 being featured in Fortnite will help garner younger fans for the stagnant franchise. That being said, even if it does and younger folk get to see the incredibly good first two films, they'll eventually see the franchise sink like the Titanic.

Too soon?

Nonetheless, as are most Fortnite related skins, the Terminator mocks of Sarah Connor and the T-800 are only available for a limited amount of time. Unlike Arnold, they won't be back.