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Frostpunk is Epic Games Store’s free game for this week June 3 – 10

Frostpunk EGS free game

The super challenging city-building survival simulation game Frostpunk arrives as a free game on the Epic Games Store. From June 3 to June 10, 2021, you can get the game for free on the Epic Games Store.

About Frostpunk

Frostpunk came out way back on April 21, 2018. It’s available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and macOS, so you can play this game on many different devices. It’s regarded as one of the most challenging games ever made. In Frostpunk, you take on the role of “The Captain,” the leader and administrator of a survivor settlement in a wintry world. After an apocalyptic volcanic eruption, the world has entered a volcanic winter. The lowering temperature becomes the core challenge of Frostpunk, where you have to make difficult decisions to ensure the survival of your settlement. Will you force your people to work overtime, enforce child labor, and make everyone conserve resources, all in the name of the settlement? Or do you ensure that everyone is living a happy and satisfying life?

Frostpunk offers different kinds of scenarios with varying degrees of difficulty. It also has an Endless Mode meant to take on your endurance. See how long you can last in the wintry world of Frostpunk without succumbing to the cold.

Frostpunk partnered with NetEase Games to bring the game to mobile devices, and will also be arriving on iOS and Android devices later this year.