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Gary Payton sounds off about his rating in NBA 2K18

gary payton

The release date for NBA 2K18 seems like it couldn’t come any sooner, as the esteemed video game series is constantly and strategically revealing bits and pieces about the game. One component the game is famous for is play ratings and how they reflect the actual NBA players in our world. With the addition of being able to play as a team’s all time roster, many older veterans of the game will see their careers resurrected in the latest installment of the 2K series, meaning they will have their own ratings to boot.

One player who just became aware of his player rating in NBA 2K18 was Gary Payton, and despite the overall positive rating, the NBA champion was not satisfied. Arguably one of the greatest defensive point guards the NBA has ever seen, Payton anticipated a rating around 98, but he found out he was a 94, so his reaction is a little less than displeased.

Considering his accomplishments, the 9-time NBA All-Star may be deserving of a higher score. Amazingly, he only missed 25 games in his 17 year long career, meaning he had to produce quality results night in and night out, a feat players today with higher ratings do not have to deal with. Resting players is the ideal way to prolong their durability, but it goes to show Payton was durable to the core, playing through all the pain.