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Serenitea Pot Guide to Realm Currency

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Genshin Impact’s Housing System, the Serenitea Pot, has been out for quite some while. After a couple of patches, a lot of desirable changes and additions have taken place after its rough launch, including some important quality-of-life improvements. Following Raiden Shogun’s release, a huge influx of players have started playing the game, and are bound to encounter the housing feature later into the story. This Serenitea Pot guide will cover the basics and the progression guide, so players can easily blaze through the Trust Ranks, and have all the customization options in the palm of their hands. 

In order to obtain the Serenitea Pot and enter the realms, one must reach Adventure Rank 30 and complete the Liyue Archon Quest, “A New Star Approaches”. Once the conditions are met, the quest “A Teapot to Call Home” will be available, where Madame Ping offers you the Serenitea Pot as the reward. Once owned, players will need to deploy the teapot through the Gadgets Inventory and teleport to the realm.

Getting Started

For the first time upon entering the Serenitea Pot, you will need to choose one of three starting realms. First is the Floating Abode, a heavenly realm high up in the clouds, where scenic isles float and are intertwined by runic bridges. Second is the Emerald Peak, a realm of towering mountain peaks that pierce the clouds. Third and last is the Cool Isle, a realm set in the middle of a summer getaway, where a small group of lush islands gathers. Most of your initial progression will take place in one of these realms, so you’ll have to choose wisely if you think the setting matters for your housing.

After entering the realm of your choice, you will encounter a certain teapot spirit in front of your lavish mansion. This creature is called Tubby, and it serves as your butler, who carries you along throughout your progression in the Serenitea Pot. Tubby provides the information regarding your Trust Rank and Adeptal Energy, while also being the place to craft furnishings and buying from the Depot. You can consider Tubby as your, *ahem*, Serenitea Pot guide.

Furnishings are the meat and potatoes of your housing. Not only do they turn your initially lifeless realm into a cozy place of respite, but creating new furnishings is required to progress your Trust Rank. The more furnishings you create, the more things you can place and arrange, while your progression in the Serenitea Pot goes even further. There are all sorts of furnishings, from bushes and trees to apartments and windmills. The ways you can decorate your realm are near limitless, and all the power is in your hands. 

Blueprints are the keys to making new furnishings, which in turn hastens your progression. There are many ways to get blueprints for your teapot. Most of them can be purchased from Tubby, which can be found at the Realm Depot section. You can also get them as rewards from events, the teapot handbook, and even from Trust Rank progression.

One can’t simply make furnishings out of thin air, and as such, requires all sorts of materials to create. Some of the materials can be purchased from the Realm Depot, like cloth, while some are acquired from crafting, like certain dyes. Certain ores are essential for creating furnishings, so make sure to stock up on them at all times. Finally, as weird as it may sound, you may have to start whacking trees whenever you see them. Most of the trees in Teyvat now drop an amount of specific wood after striking them (a few times), and different trees drop different wood. To know where to find the wood you need, there’s a guide found in the Archive Menu about wood locations.

Companions are an added feature that allows you to place your owned characters as NPCs anywhere in your realm. While present in the realm, these characters will generate Companionship XP through the Realm Bounty, found at the Trust Rank screen. The higher your realm’s Adeptal Energy, the more Companionship XP they will generate. Players also have the option to talk to their Companions, unlocking new personal dialogues. 

The possibilities in your realm are endless… Well, almost. Unfortunately, we have a Load System that limits the overall amount of furnishings one can place. Every piece of furnishing takes up a certain amount of load, with larger ones like apartments taking more load than small furniture. Companions and pets carry the most load and placing them all in one zone will limit the amount of other furnishings you can place in the same zone. 

Adeptal Energy and Trust Rank

Our progression in the Serenitea Pot has two important goals to achieve: higher adeptal energy, and higher Trust Rank. The plan is simple–we aim to get as much higher adeptal energy as possible, to generate more realm currency. The more realm currency we have, the more blueprints we can purchase from the Realm Depot. Finally, the more blueprints we have, the more Trust we can generate by creating new furnishings.

The Realm Depot is a treasure trove of useful things, but each one with its own cost in realm currency.

Realm Treasures provide things useful for enhancing your characters for combat, though these are quite expensive and only recommended for players with max Trust Rank. 

The Furnishings section offers a dazzling collection of trees, foliage, and stone, but these aren’t worth spending on early. There is one exception, which is the Vial of Adeptal Speed, an item that speeds up the production of furnishings to an instant. This item restocks daily and is incredibly cheap, so it’s ideal to return to your teapot daily to obtain this. 

Finally, we have the Furnishing Blueprints, which contains a whole slew of blueprints that is essential for progressing your Trust Rank. One must try to clear as much of this shop to get the most amount of Trust.

Once you have created a couple of furnishings already, it’s time to increase our adeptal energy. Higher rarity furnishings generate more energy, so it’s ideal to purchase the 4-star furnishings first from the Realm Depot. Certain 4-star furnishings only carry a minor Load, so creating and placing multiple copies of them allows you to generate a lot of energy for less Load. Some call this Energy Mining, but you can call this however you want. 

For example, you can create a lot of copies of the Pine Folding Screen, and place them neatly side-by-side inside a vacant room. This furnishing carries a low load and takes up little space, but offers very high adeptal energy per piece. If you want to optimize your energy gains, you can definitely consider this strategy.

Traveling Salesman and Co-op

Every Friday up to Sunday, a Traveling Salesman (in a similar appearance to Tubby) shows up, and offers players pets and terrain furnishings, in exchange for some realm currency. Purchasing from the salesman is part of your progression in the Serenitea Pot handbook, so don’t miss out once it appears during those times. If you have the Battle Pass, purchasing from a friend’s Traveling Salesman provides a lot of Battle Pass points from the weekly quest. 

Speaking of friends, the Serenitea Pot also supports Co-op, and other players can request to enter your realm, even when you’re not present. If you want a nice place to hang out, or need a headquarters for your group, the Serenitea Pot is a good place to come and meet! Not only that, but you can request your friends to hasten your furnishing productions, which is a win-win for all.


Finally, for our Serenitea Pot guide, we talk about the most recent addition to the Serenitea Pot – the Gardening System. Introduced in Genshin Impact 2.1, the gardening system puts a lot more value to the Serenitea Pot as well as gives players a way to collect resources much more consistently. After completing the “The Art of Horticulture” quest from Madame Ping, players will be given a field to plant seeds on and some seeds. More fields and seeds can be bought from the Realm Depot, so make sure to buy all that’s available. After placing the fields in your realm, you can place seeds of plants that you want to grow. These seedlings will grow after 3 days, so make sure to come back by then to reap your harvests. There is a good list of plants to grow, with rarer items like Silk Flowers and Naku Weeds as notable ones. 

Players will also obtain the Seed Dispensary from the same quest, which is a gadget used to obtain seeds from harvesting certain plants around Teyvat. Do note that even without doing the quest from Madame Ping, you can buy seeds and plots of land from Tubby. However, the only way to get the seed dispensary and collect seeds in the wild is through this quest.

The Serenitea Pot is a very welcome addition in Genshin Impact, giving players a place to decorate and call home, or even a place to meet friends or other people. With the continued addition of new features and quality-of-life changes, we can assume that this housing system can only get better over time.