Genshin Impact 3.0, and Sumeru, is almost here! A new area means an all-new set of exploration mechanics, so read along if you don't wanna get stuck.

Do note that all of the information below were not released through official means unless otherwise stated, and might not represent the final product. These were all datamined from the beta version of the game. These will also spoil some content for you, so if you want to keep the new content fresh, it would be ideal to not read any further for now, and come back when you need the guidance.

Sumeru Exploration Mechanics

Tree of Dreams

You can obtain Dendro Sigils in your adventures throughout Sumeru.

Offer them up to the Tree of Dreams deep within Vanarana to level it up and obtain precious materials.

Like Inazuma, Sumeru also has a tree named Tree of Dreams upon which we can offer our collected Dendro Sigils to. It would be safe to assume that the levels and rewards it has is similar to Inazuma's, which means we can expect some Intertwined and Acquaint Fates to come out of this oversized onion.


These strange spirits that accompany the appearance of Auspicious Branches are Dendrograna that symbolize the protection of Dendro.

When Charged Attacks and Aimed Shots hit, Dendrograna will attack alongside them. There are also some objects that will appear throughout your adventures that can only be activated or destroyed using the power of Dendrograna…

Consistent with the Mondstadt and Anemo, Liyue and Geo, and Inazuma and Electro, Sumeru will have Dendrograna that aid the Traveler with their exploration. While Inazuma's Electrograna granted protection and defensive traits, the Dendrograna will provide offensive buffs to Charged Attacks and Aimed Shots, in addition to activating mechanisms.

Powers of Kusava

You finally get to go on an adventure with Aranaga, Aranakin, and Aragaru.

Use Kusava at the appropriate places to call upon the powers of the 3 Aranara. By switching the abilities of the Kusava, you can choose the Aranara whose help you need.

Delve deeper into Mawtiyima alongside your Aranara friends!

It seems that we will get new companions to aid in our travels, in the form of three “Aranara” named Aranaga, Aranakin, and Aranagu. The key to this mechanic is finding the most appropriate Aranara for the situation, but we'll definitely know more about them as we explore Sumeru deeper.


When you travel with Aranaga, you can use the Kusava to call upon his power and lift certain special platforms up.

Aranaga's ability is lifting platforms, which we would probably need to do a lot for it to deserve its own mechanic.


When you travel with Aranakin, you can use the Kusava to call upon his power and repair certain broken elemental monuments.

Aranakin deals with repairing elemental monuments, which look like they have been broken apart by vines.


When you travel with Aragaru, you can use the Kusava to call upon his power and destroy some stones that have become eroded by plants.

While Aranakin deals with repairing, Aragaru's purpose is destruction. This one can clear the path by destroying stones that block our path.

Ruin Golem – Energy Blocks

According to Jazari, these Energy Blocks seem to be an auxiliary power source for the Ruin Golem. Slot these into the power relays to reactivate the corresponding components.

Energy Blocks that have been inserted can be removed and placed in a different spot. Use this method to open a path that constantly leads upwards.

As previous leaks revealed, one of the environments we get to explore in Sumeru is the inside of a Ruin Golem. It seems these energy blocks will be key to progressing inside of this Ruin Golem.

Seal on the Stone Pillar

This unique sort of stone pillar seems to be key to sealing certain ruin machines.

Use Pyro to neutralize the energy within them, which will then release the machines from their seal…

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But you aren’t usually supposed to be unsealing such monsters… are you?

The Seal, evidently made by Dendro energy, can be “burned down” by using Pyro. The description slightly teases why we are setting these Ruin machines free, and at this point we can only speculate.

Four Leaf Sigils

This crest, which looks like a four-petaled flower, will sometimes appear in Sumeru.

When those who can manipulate the elements are facing one such crest, they can use it to travel swiftly.

Sometimes, you will find Clusterleaves of Cultivation that can scatter these four-petaled crests around to a specific location. Use their ability to make your adventures easier!

The Four Leaf Sigil will help traverse the twists and turns of the rainforest, and judging by the preview shown officially, it seems like it acts similar to its Electro counterpart. It's currently unknown if it can chain the same way, though.

Tri-Lakshana Creatures

In Sumeru, special creatures exist that can transform due to stimuli from external elemental energy. These are referred to as “Tri-Lakshana Creatures.”

When they come into contact with Electro or Pyro, they will enter either an Activated or a Scorched state. Use these objects and the unique abilities of their various forms to aid in your adventure.

When Tri-Lakshana Creatures are activated using Electro, they will unleash a Truesense Pulse that may be able to display the location of certain hidden things.

There are multiple types of these Tri-Lakshana Creatures, sure to put your mind in a bend when you're exploring the new area.

Bouncy Mushrooms

This species of Bouncy Mushroom is a type of Tri-Lakshana Creature. Under normal circumstances, you can jump on it to be bounced up to higher heights. Its elasticity will be further increased after you have activated it using Electro.

You will sometimes find Bouncy Mushrooms of this sort in Sumeru’s Domains.

The reasons for which these mushrooms are not one of the Tri-Lakshana Creatures are unknown but must be quite fascinating indeed.

These bouncy mushrooms need no explanation. If anything, these look fun to lay around with and surely players will find a way to make this mechanic interesting. Hopefully we get some of these Mushrooms for our Serenitea Pot, too.

Tri-Yana Seeds

Just as the Tri-Lakshana Creatures have a normal, Scorched, and Activated form, these Tri-Yana Seeds, which can reveal hidden objects, have similar states. When Scorched, they will stop moving, and when normal, they will move along a fixed path. When activated using Electro, they will release an even larger Truesense Pulse…

It seems activating any Tri-Lakshana Creature or Tri-Yana Seed will release a pulse that can activate a mechanism, as seen in this preview.

A Strange Energy Extraction Device

The energy extractor device within the Eremite camp seems to serve some unspeakable purpose.

You must look for a control key somewhere in the surrounding rooms to shut it down.

However, even the smallest movement might interrupt the termination sequence, so make sure to keep the area free of obstruction till the machine shuts down.

This one will be seen in the camps of the new set of enemies called the Eremites, and will add another layer of complexity when we are clearing the area and looking for that sweet sweet Luxurious Chest.

Nurseries in the Wilds

Some of these seemingly masterless nurseries may be found within the forests of Sumeru. Follow the glowing spirits that float over these nurseries and traverse each “field” without interruption or repetition, and perhaps something good will happen.

In truth, it isn’t good to step on fields, but your footsteps seem to be able to awaken the life of this plot of land.

Mysteriously, we can bring plants to life by following spirits. This might be a (or the only) way to gather some Sumeru Local Specialties.

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