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Giants co-owner Steve Tisch says AAF will make the NFL more popular

Steve Tisch

The Alliance of American Football encountered quite the successful opening weekend while the new professional football league is now officially off and running — to say the least. As a result, many believe that “The AAF” will only aid the ever-growing popularity of the NFL by filling the void left by the latter after the Super Bowl. Perhaps most notably as it stands today, New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch definitely believes this to be the case.

Because of how popular professional football has become, The Alliance of American Football has not only drawn the interest of the fans but of some pretty well-known players as well. This past weekend featured the likes of running back Trent Richardson, quarterback Mike Bercovici, running back Zac Stacy and quarterback Christian Hackenberg — just to name a few.

With players attempting to make their way to — or back to — the NFL, it appeared as though both the talent and effort level were through the roof over the weekend. Perhaps this notion, paired with a few rule changes, will propel The Alliance of American Football going forward.

It is also worth noting that the XFL isn’t too far off either, with the WWE’s version of professional football making its return in 2020. Although such a league wasn’t tremendously successful the first time around, this time might just be different. Not only is the Alliance of American Football currently aiding the NFL’s push toward the top, but perhaps the XFL’s as well.

It is no secret that Americans love football, that’s for sure…