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How Daniel Jones’ former college coach is helping him with fumble issues

Daniel Jones, Giants

Daniel Jones had a positive rookie season with the New York Giants outside of the fumbling woes he had. David Cutcliffe, Jones’ former coach at Duke, shared how he is helping Jones fix his fumble issues:

“We have a bunch of drills that are designed for pocket movement,” Cutcliffe said, via Dan Duggan of The Athletic. “We’re using equipment people, the coaches — anybody we can to just create small, tight places in the pocket. One thing people forget is the sound of the pocket. What does noise do to most normal people? You flinch. You have to create a focus. So I yell, I do different things.”

In his first year with the Giants, Jones finished with 3,027 yards, 24 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. On the other hand, New York’s No. 6 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft would fumble the ball 18 times, losing 11 of them.

Therefore, Jones realizes that he has to address the turnover issues head-on if he hopes to improve in 2020. Cutcliffe highlights that he treats practices like a game, giving players a chance to get comfortable in certain situations.

“A mentality we’ve always had is you’ve got to make practice like a game,” Cutcliffe said. “There’s still accountability to whether it was complete or incomplete. I’m not talking about just caught — I’m talking about accurate enough to be caught. I think that’s why they like it, that we can create some intensity.”

As he prepares to enter his second season in the NFL, Jones is expected to take a leap forward with the Giants next season. But before he can reach the level of play he desires, the Duke product is working tirelessly with his former college coach to address the most glaring concern in his game.