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Gross Gore quits streaming after failing his biggest streamer challenge

Gross Gore leaves Youtube streaming

Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen announced his retirement from streaming on Youtube, citing mental health issues. This comes a few months after his Twitch ban in March, as well as his claim that he can become the world’s biggest Youtube streamer.

At the time of this article’s publication, Gross Gore’s channel had over 350 thousand subscribers.

Gross Gore, a former League of Legends and Runescape streamer, explained his case in the Youtube video. He shared his recent struggles, and explained that he does not enjoy streaming anymore.

He cites his Twitch ban from back in March to be a falling point for him. Back then, he had half a million followers on Twitch, and claims that he could have easily reached a million. But since his ban from the platform, it all just went downhill.

Back in May, Gross Gore lost a lot of his income when StreamLabs and StreamElements also banned him from using their services. Gore, back then, said that ‘cancel culture’ was getting out of hand.

Because of these factors, Gross Gore shared that he’s in dire straits now in terms of finance. He shared that he has thousands of dollars in debt to tax authorities.

While Gore will no longer be streaming on the regular, he shares that he will still work on his Youtube channel. ““I’m going to work on my YouTube channel. I want to post content all the time. I’m just going to post content of anything ⁠— me going out in the Supra, me going carspotting. That’s what I want to do.”

A move from streaming to content creation may just be a good move for Gore, where he can have more control over what goes out on his channel.