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Hawks’ Danilo Gallinari gets confused in hilarious postgame interview with Vince Carter

Danilo Gallinari, Hawks, Vince Carter

Apparently, superstars like Danilo Gallinari still get starstruck. On Sunday, the Atlanta Hawks forward got a bit confused in his post-game interview when he heard the voice of a legendary NBA icon in Vince Carter. Gallo’s eyes lit up after hearing that VC was on the call and had to look around and find Mr. Half-Man-Half-Amazing while doing the interview.

“VC? Where you at?” Gallinari said as he turned around to find Mr. Carter (via NBA):

This is the only wholesome content we need on Easter Sunday. Thanks, Gallo! Plus, the Hawks won, so smiles all around for Gallinari.

The two had to enjoy a few laughs before going on with the interview. Gallinari even asked why he was asked to face the camera if Carter and the rest of the crew were behind him. It’s pretty safe to say that Gallinari was stoked to be in the presence of greatness, and former Hawks player Vince Carter.

The Italian, though, was pretty great on Sunday for the Hawks as he led his team with a huge home win over the Golden State Warriors. Gallinari had a team-high of 25 points off the bench after putting up just eight shots. Gallinari made the Warriors pay from the line as he knocked down 13-15 from the charity stripe and even added 10 rebounds to lift the Hawks to their third-straight win.

Gallinari has found a home with the Hawks this season and has been one of the best vets on the team after Carter retired. The former Slam Dunk Champion played his last game in the NBA last season after he capped his career with two final seasons with the Atlanta Hawks.