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Hawks’ Trae Young not losing sleep over dwindling social media followers in wake of protests

Trae Young, Hawks

Despite what appears to be some overwhelming support in the fight against racial injustice, there is still no denying that the issue remains to be a fairly polarizing one. Take for instance the case of Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young, who himself admitted that he has lost more than a few followers on social media for being vocal about the fight against racial discrimination.

Trae Young recently went on a conference calls with reporters, as he explained why losing followers in the wake of the protests is not something that concerns him.

“I definitely lost a couple of followers for speaking my voice and speaking my opinion,” Young said in a conference call Wednesday with reporters, via Mark Medina of USA TODAY. “That’s OK. That’s necessary.”

As it turns out, not all of Young’s followers share his view on racism. Nevertheless, this has not stopped the Hawks point guard from standing up for what he believes is right. As a matter of fact, he even called on his social media followers to join him in the streets for the peaceful protests.

“I didn’t know what to expect. I prayed it was going to be a lot of support and people would come out. That’s what happened,” Young said. “A lot of people spoke about some great things and got some things off their chest. It was good. It was a positive and peaceful protest.”

It’s great to see how the younger generation in the NBA has likewise involved themselves in the fight for justice. For his part, Young took it a step further by recently partnering with the likes of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James to form an organization that advocates the rights of African American voters.