NBA news: LeBron James, Trae Young promote African-American voting
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LeBron James, Trae Young lead organization to promote African-American voting rights

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NBA stars LeBron James and Trae Young are forming a voting rights group amid the widespread social unrest due to issues of racial injustice.

The group, called “More Than a Vote,” will primarily focus on incentivizing African-Americans to vote in the primaries and general election in November.

LeBron stated that the voices of Black Americans are starting to be heard in light of countrywide protests. With that said, the NBA superstar emphasized that protecting the rights of African-American voters is crucial in their ability to help manifest change (via Jonathan Martin of the New York Times).

“Because of everything that’s going on, people are finally starting to listen to us — we feel like we’re finally getting a foot in the door,” James said in a phone interview on Wednesday. “How long is up to us. We don’t know. But we feel like we’re getting some ears and some attention, and this is the time for us to finally make a difference.

The Los Angeles Lakers forward also said the organization will attempt to educate voters on prohibitive measures taken by some governments in order to limit the Black vote.

“Yes, we want you to go out and vote, but we’re also going to give you the tutorial,” LeBron added. “We’re going to give you the background of how to vote and what they’re trying to do, the other side, to stop you from voting.”

It should come as no surprise that LeBron James is continuing to use his platform to empower those who once might have felt powerless.

Meanwhile, Trae Young’s involvement is especially notable, given his youth. The second-year NBA sharpshooter has been very active in the last couple of weeks, organizing a protest in Oklahoma and speaking out on issues of racial injustice.

LeBron has more basketball in store, while Young’s season is over. However, both NBA superstars are looking to make an even bigger impact off the floor.