The Houston Rockets are looking to get out from under Ryan Anderson's hefty contract. Unfortunately, they may have to part with some assets if that's going to happen. According to Kelly Iko of The Rockets Wire, the Atlanta Hawks may have interest in striking a deal if the Rockets are willing to include a draft pick and a young player.

Iko specifically mentions Houston's 2019 first-round pick as well as the Rockets second-round pick from 2018, De'Anthony Melton. Iko also points out that Houston seems high on Melton. They may look at him as a potential role player as soon as the upcoming season.

It's unclear whether or not Houston would bite on a deal like this, but it shows just how much Houston may have to part with in order to deal away Ryan Anderson. The 30-year-old stretch big man has two years and more than $41 million left on his contract. His production has diminished significantly over the past two years and it's clear that Daryl Morey wants to part ways.

Additionally, the Rockets are not showing interest in Atlanta's Kent Bazemore per Sam Amick of USA Today Sports. This makes a potential Houston-Atlanta deal look less likely.

Dealing away unwanted contracts is always tricky. When teams want to part ways with a deal like Anderson's, they're forced into parting with valuable assets.

Anderson's situation is another example where a bad contract can haunt a team. The two realistic options for the Rockets at this point are to either deal away assets or bite the bullet and pay Anderson his money.