Ever since the United in Stormwind expansion dropped, The Hearthstone meta just got chaotic.

In the first couple of days since the expansion went live, players saw the birth of the “Speed Hearthstone” meta. Players kept using combo decks to easily complete the new questlines from United in Stormwind. The questlines required players to kill their own minions faster than their opponents. As a result, Hearthstone has been all about how quickly your deck could finish off your opponent. Gone are the days when a match would reach eight to nine turns.

Blizzard made sure to put things back in order with the most recent Hearthstone Patch 21.0.3. The update consists of nerfs to eight cards which could most likely slow the game down by a couple of turns. These nerfs limit the efficiency of combo decks to obtain the cards they need to win. 

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Here’s a list of the eight cards getting nerfed in the most recent Hearthstone patch:

  • Flesh Giant – Old Cost: 8 – New Cost: 9    
  • Incanter’s Flow – Old Cost: 2 – New Cost: 3
  • Il’gynoth – Old Cost: 4, Attack: 2, Health: 6 – New Cost: 6, Attack: 4, Health: 8
  • Darkglare – Old Cost: 2, Attack: 2, Health: 3 – New Cost: 3, Attack: 3, Health: 4   
  • Battleground Battlemaster – Old Cost: 5 – New Cost: 6    
  • Kolkar Pack Runner – Old Cost: 2, Attack: 2, Health: 3 – New Cost: 3, Attack: 3, Health: 4    
  • Granite Forgeborn – Old: Attack: 4, Health: 5 –  New: Attack: 4, Health: 4        
  • Conviction (Rank 1), Conviction (Rank 2), Conviction (Rank 3) – Old Cost: 1 – New Cost: 2
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Jesseyriche Cortez ·

As of right now, these are the adjustments that Blizzard thinks will restore Hearthstone’s balance. However, they are fully aware that more changes could come in the future depending on the outcome of the latest update. For now, Blizzard will continue to observe the game in order to decide whether or not they should add more changes.