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Chris Bosh thinks Jimmy Butler ‘fits the culture’ in Miami

Jimmy Butler, Chris Bosh, Heat

Chris Bosh feels the Miami Heat made the right move pursuing and netting the services of Jimmy Butler in free agency, trading some of their pieces to acquire the two-way star:

“You want guys that are competitive, that love the game and want to win. That’s what it’s all about, so I think it’s a great pickup. He fits the culture there,” Bosh told David Ramil of Forbes.

Butler is a work ethic fiend and a player who often challenges his teammates to push the envelope in a never-ending quest of self-improvement, yet this ultra-competitive fire has rubbed teammates the wrong way before and it can still do that, even on a franchise that reflects his very spirit.

While Butler has had “chemistry issues” in each of his stops in the league, Bosh argues a longtime veteran like Udonis Haslem will play a role that will facilitate Butler’s transition:

“[Haslem] will be able to act as a buffer and help [Butler] communicate and be that other veteran presence for leadership purposes.”

Butler should still serve as a catalyst for this team and a motivator for young players like Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo, so long as they have the skin thick enough to take in criticism as much as the outside praise. Ultimately, Butler should have no issues with the way the franchise is run, squaring up perfectly with his own demanding sense of work ethic and results-driven play.