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Heat legend Dwyane Wade reacts to Carmelo Anthony signing with Blazers


Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade is finally relieved that his good friend Carmelo Anthony — now of the Portland Trail Blazers — has found a team.

Via Twitter, Wade shared the good news and his reaction to it:

Anthony was one of the biggest headlines over the summer. It was a mystery to some — especially to Anthony — why a future Hall of Famer who can still play cannot make a 15-man roster out of the 30 NBA teams. For Wade, Anthony still deserves to be in the league. He’s a player who has a lot to offer given the right role in the right situation.

“Melo is one of the best individual people I know and a lot of people don’t know that because things that have been said about him in the past. Hopefully he gets an opportunity to be with a team this season because he has a lot to still offer the right team in the right role and the right situation. I want him to be able to end his career the way he wants to end it. He deserves that as someone who has carried the torch for this game and done so much for the league and Team USA in the Olympics. He deserves better than this,” Wade in September said per Arash Markazi of the Los Angeles Times.

Anthony himself said that he’s prepared to take any role that the team needs, provided that they clearly vocalize what they want from him. From the looks of it, Anthony got exactly what he needed in his meeting with the Blazers. He’ll join the team in their six-game road trip which starts on Saturday against the San Antonio Spurs.